Magneto Technologies Company Overview

Magneto Technologies was formed in March 2000 by Jef Lofts and Andrew Smith. Andrew and Jef had worked together since 1992 firstly for Mobicom Ltd. in Derby, which became Philips Telecom Ltd. and latterly Simoco Europe Ltd. In 1997 they were poached from Simoco to head up a new Research & Development department for Midland Mobile Radio Ltd. in Chesterfield. After spending many years working on embedded and PC based software for large networked radio communication systems they decided it was time to put their experience and skills to use for themselves and left to establish Magneto Technologies.
Magneto Technologies employs its networking and database skills to produce internet software.
Our key focus is utilising the internet as a large network enabling businesses to communicate, do business efficiently and to deliver information and services.
Our internet specialities are easy to use content management systems and e-commerce systems. See the Our Clients section for a list of projects.

Core Skills 

Magneto Technologies core skills include Windows, Windows Mobile and Linux programming, PHP scripting, MySQL database, Apache server configuration, HTML, CSS and Java programming, management of Linux based internet servers and Project Management. 

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