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Concrete5 Flexible and Easy Content Management

Concrete5 is a very easy to use and powerful content management system and it's free. It has a lot of flexibility for the layout of your content. For those wising to have a lot of control over their website content this is the best choice. Wordpress will handle very simple site layouts but Concrete5 is a significant step up for a professional looking website. We would say that Wordpress is great for a simple blog or a very simple content managed website but Concrete5 is on another level. There are already many add-ons in the Concrete5 Marketplace to extend the functionality of Concrete5. Additionally we are specialists in web programming and can create add-on modules for Concrete5 to meet your specific needs. The sky's the limit with this excellent CMS.

Concrete5 Development

We are Concrete5 Developers. We can write bespoke packages, add-ons and blocks for Concrete5. We can also take your graphic design and turn it into a Concrete5 theme. Your design can be made into Concrete5 templates. We have experience in developing for Concrete5 using our years of PHP and MySQL experience (ther foundation of Concrete5). We have created many bespoke add-ons for Concrete5 using the Concrete5 framework, from simple blocks, block templates right up to entire packages.

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