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Concrete5 Addons


Concrete5 Addons

We are Concrete5 Developers and can develop custom addons for the Concrete5 CMS. Addons can be anything that add addtional functionality to the standard Concrete5 system, from simple page blocks through to entire concrete5 packages. We have written many addons for clients, for example:

Concrete5 Ecommerce Price Addon

An addon to switch all prices on a Concrete5 Ecommerce site between pounds and euros.

Concrete5 ECommerce Linked Discount Addon

An addon that displays a list of linked discounts for a product: buy an accessory with the main product and receive a discount. This addon makes it very easy for your customers to quickly add accessories into their basket - it works both as an incentive to buy accessories (for upselling) and draws your customers attention to deals on accessories.

Concrete5 Lead Generation Package

This is an entire Concrete5 Package that extends the functionality of a Concrete5 CMS site and provides a Lead Generation System. This has its own installer and installs modules, blocks, jobs and a Dashboard section for managing leads. The Concrete5 Blocks this package adds include Lead Search, Leads List and the ability to pucrhase Leads via the ecommerce module. The Dashboard allows leads to be searched, edited and approved for sale.

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