Joomla Virtuemart

Joomla CMS with Virtuemart E-Commerce


Joomla CMS and Virtuemart E-Commerce

Joomla is good content management system (CMS). For E-Commerce there is a well developed add-on called Virtuemart. This adds e-commerce capabilities to Joomla so you can have a fully content managed online shop. The Joomla / Virtuemart pairing is ideal for online shops with hundreds of products. The Virtuemart admininstrators (back-end) interface is suited to large online shops.

We have experience in Joomla sites - see Powersol and Gear-Salonwear. Joomla is expandable via add-on modules so it can be tailoreds to your needs with off-the-shelf add-ons. Some add-ons are free and some are low-cost. Beware: there are hundreds of add-ons and its not easy to choose the right one's for your website - some are good quality and easy to use - some are not!

Bespoke Joomla / Virtuemart Add-Ons

For the Gear Salonwear site we modified Virtuemart to meet the customer's requirements. This involved custom add-on modules as well as modifying the core of Virtuemart. We created a College Login system to allow college students to log in and be presented with only their products for their college uniform.

Why Joomla and Why Not?

We find that our customers find Joomla a bit tricky to use from an administrators point of view. Concrete5 is a much easier system to use and understand. Joomla is suited to larger content managed websites and is for people with a good undertsanding of content management systems. Additionally Virtuemart is a good E-Commerce system with lots of good features and configurability, but again is a little daunting for some. We'd say that for a large CMS or large E-Commerce system : use Joomla / Virtumeart ; for smaller sites or smaller online shops - use Concrete5.